Alta 07+ Mini Cooper S Panel Filter - paAMP-INT-106

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ALTA Performancewas the first to offer you a replacement high flow drop in filter for your R56 and JCW.This environmentally responsible filter iscompletelyreusableand will last you the life of your car! *High Flow Drop In* Our high flowing, super cleaning foam media allows us to make the filter thinner while keeping the maximum amount of volume to hold dirt. This simple change allows for more air to be drawn across the entire filter. This also allows for 2 times the volume in the OEM intake box, and allows for the intake to breathe that much better! *Proven Horsepower* The ALTA Drop in filter makes a few extra HP but where it really shines is when it gets dirty. OEM and K&N filters get clogged the more dirt gets in them and loose horsepower. The ALTA Foam media keeps flowing even after its full of dirt providing you with maximum horsepower between filter servicing. PartNumber : paAMP-INT-106 Description : Drop In Panel Filter 2012-2013 Mini Cooper Coupe S L4.1598cc Air Filters::Air Filters - Drop In 2012-2013 Mini Cooper Roadster S L4.1598cc Air Filters::Air Filters - Drop In 2007-2013 Mini Cooper S L4.1598cc Air Filters::Air Filters - Drop In 2008-2013 Mini Cooper S Clubman L4.1598cc Air Filters::Air Filters - Drop In
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