Sport Compact, Subaru Overlander & Rally Car Aero Mods, Accessories and Aftermarket Performance Parts

View the latest Aero including canards, ducts, spoilers and wings!Look, we know you don't need a humongous wing on the street, but that hasn't stopped Subaru from making it one of the most iconic elements of their performance line. Some things just look awesome and aftermarket Subaru aero pieces are definitely those "things". It is more than just crazy Subie Wings and Spoilers too. You can add diffusers and vortex generators to your WRX, ducts and front wind splitters to your STI and other things like canards which will impress your friends when you explain to them what those even are. We have you covered for all those high performance Subie Aero parts that give you that ultimate look on the street, and elite performance at the track.

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